Our Staff

Leigh Heffernan, Director

Leigh Heffernan was appointed Director in 2017. Leigh is a graduate of Hobart William Smith with a degree in both Education and Childhood Psychology. She has been teaching 2-year olds for 18 years in various local schools. Leigh is a past Board president, the mother of three Community alumni, and a lifelong Wilton resident who also helped establish our thriving 2's program seven  years ago.

Eleanor Arnold

Eleanor Arnold graduated from Vanderbilt and went on to Columbia in a not-for-profit executives program. Early in her professional life, she worked in development at an inter city K-8 school in Bedford, Stuyvesant. All three of her children attended Community. Eleanor was a past president of the school and chaired many roles over the years.  Eleanor has her Head Teacher Certification from the State of Connecticut and has been teaching the 3s at Community for nine years.  Eleanor believes that a preschool experience of play, joy, and mutual respect is an ideal foundation for all future learning.        

Kristen Burke

Kristen Burke is the Head Teacher for the 2s Class.  She has been teaching in the 2s program since 2015, first as the Assistant Teacher and for the last several years as Head Teacher.  Prior to working with the 2’s, Kristen was a substitute teacher and taught June School at CNSW.  She lives in Wilton with her family and her son attended Community.


From Kristen, "I have a strong connection to CNSW and have many wonderful memories and experiences with the school.  I love teaching our youngest students, and I am happy to be back for another great year!"

Cindy Waters 

Cindy Waters is the head teacher of the 4s class at CNSW.  She is a graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Individual & Family Studies and an MBA in Marketing.  Prior to joining CNSW, she worked at Miller Driscoll school as a paraprofessional in the preschool program both during the regular school year and the summer program.  As a business professional, she worked at Scholastic books and Weekly Reader on programs to encourage reading and learning in a school setting and at home.

Amy Gubner

Amy Gubner first came to CNSW in 2013 as a parent. She was a board member and then a sub. After her two boys moved on the Miller Driscoll, she began teaching in the twos, and moved up to the fours two years ago. She loves watching and helping the biggest of the littles develop confidence and compassion before they head off to kindergarten. 

Mandy Dugan

Mandy Dugan is our assistant 3s teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and is a past community parent with 2 of her 3 children graduating from CNSW. This is Mandy’s fourth year in the 3s.

Robyn Reeves

Robyn Reeves is our assistant 4s teacher.  She is a graduate of Wilton High School and taught Kindergarten in Wilton for 33 fabulous years.  She has 2 amazing children (young adults), 2 dogs and a crazy bird.  When she is not having fun with kids,  Robyn loves hiking, baking and reading (especially  children's books).

Sue Donato Alexander

Sue has been with CNSW for two years and enjoys guiding two year olds through their first structured experience.

She combines her energy, patience and creativity to keep the children stimulated and smiling! As a Wilton mom and local artist, Sue has created relationships in the community through Wilton Children's Theater, Wilton sports teams and various artistic ventures.