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The Community Nursery School of Wilton  provides a small school environment with a personalized touch that helps to make that first school experience for you and your child so special.


Two-Day Twos 
9:00am-11:30am (Monday/Wednesday)

In the 2's we work on creating a warm and positive environment for our youngest students and their families.  Through play we learn how to share, take turns, and how to be kind to our classmates.  We teach responsibility for our classroom and have fun as a group in our circle, singing songs, and reading stories.  Outside we teach independence on our playground with a caring adult close by.  Our goal is for our 2’s to love every day that they are in school!


Three-Days Threes 
9:00am-1:00pm (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)


This classroom reflects our respect for the innate intellectual ability and spontaneous nature of each of our students.  Our curriculum includes activities that facilitate physical, social, and emotional growth.  We work to help the children develop deductive and creative skills through play, peer relationships, and warm interactions with teachers.  We are serious about helping children develop positive character traits and always pursue a joyful classroom. 

Our main goals in the 3's class are to boost the children’s critical thinking and sense of independence, and to encourage a love of learning through our daily routine.  We create numerous activities where they will play towards a purposeful outcome, but most discoveries happen through play.  We support their confidence so that they can continue to reach and achieve, and also feel comfortable asking for help. 


Five Days 
9:00am-1:00pm (Monday - Friday)


The 4s are so excited to learn about new ideas and love to work with new materials to see what could come next!  Our play-based approach is so important because it allows the children to be the director of their own learning process.  We provide the children with challenging materials and they determine how they will manipulate them, and as teachers we observe and encourage as they work towards their learning goals.  This makes learning fun for children where they can always be creative and develop their love of learning to carry with their notebooks throughout their school years.  This approach also builds their confidence which is the crucial aspect of Kindergarten readiness to always be in the mindset of "I can do this".  

At the ages of 4 and 5, each child is developing their skills at their own rate.  Play is key in developing social/emotional development that prepares children to be ready for academic learning.  At CNSW the 4s are exposed to many skills and academic concepts through play, poems, centers, exploration, group projects, and teacher led lessons.  All of this is done in a fun, encouraging, and supportive learning environment.  We encourage the children to always try their best, work/create at their ability, and be available for learning.  Some of the ways we do this include:


  • Introducing children to letter recognition

  • Recognition of numbers, counting, and groupings of 10

  • Exploration and experimenting with science concepts

  • Problem solving through group/individual work and play

  • Learning about the world near and far

  • Participating in daily routines and activities 

We enjoy watching the students grow in their intelligence, independence and confidence to prepare them for Kindergarten.

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