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Community Nursery is a living example of the power of volunteerism and community involvement.  Begun in 1938, Community Nursery School was organized and built by parents.  Town members volunteered materials, time, and hard work to build the little red schoolhouse on donated land in the heart of Wilton Center.  Once kindergarten became part of the public school curriculum, Community transitioned to the preschool it is today and the parents continue to be the heartbeat of our school.

Building on its roots as a cooperative, the school continues to grow through strong parent involvement. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees which includes current and past parent volunteers and the nursery school's Director.

We are proud of our over 80-year legacy as Wilton's little red schoolhouse located in the heart of Wilton Center. In addition to instilling a sense of tradition, our history and location make us - and the children - true members of the village community.



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