Involvement & Giving




Community Nursery is a special place, in part, because of the genuine friendships that are formed as we all work together to create a fun-filled, nurturing environment for our kids and for our families. Please let our Director or a board member know if you'd be interested in helping in one of the following areas:

  • Room Parent

  • Hospitality

  • Enrollment

  • Publicity

  • Development

  • Building & Grounds




Class wish lists are available from the teachers. Please see the Giving Tree in the Director's office if you are interested in donating toys or books and would like suggestions. Thank you!

Cognitive Development

Curricular themes are based on the interests of our students and encourage critical thinking, questioning, reasoning and problem solving. Children are inspired to ask questions, seek answers and discuss their findings.

Community offers a print-rich environment that expands a child's emergent literacy skills. Children are asked to predict before and during shared readings that relate directly to the curricular them, self-select books of interest from the classroom library and participate in dramatic re-enactments of texts.

Children at Community are also exposed to pre-writing skills. They have the opportunity to be a creative story-teller and dictate a story to a teacher, illustrate a story they have dictated and participate in formulating a class letter to a location they have visited on one of their numerous field trips.

Early math concepts are tied into all of the curricular themes that the children study throughout the year. These include sequencing, counting in one to one correspondence, patterning, estimating, comparing and graphing.