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"With my fourth child currently enrolled at Community, I can wholeheartedly attest to the fact that Community Nursery School of Wilton is a truly special place. All of my children have thrived in the warm, supportive environment that Community offers. The directed play approach has allowed my children to develop into the confident, self-assured, independent learners they are today. The care and dedication that the Director and teachers provide is unparalleled and has created a second home for our family. Thank you Community!"             

-Megan G.

Thank You Community!!

"Community Nursery School has provided our children with an opportunity to connect with our town, build nurturing friendships and acquire the necessary skills for their future as learners and citizens."

-Kerry R.

"Our three daughters thrived in the nurturing, community-oriented preschool environment that Community provides. The phenomenal teaching staff created a very special place for children to learn, to play and to grow. Our daughters were prepared to go on to elementary school in so many ways."

-Gina J.

"The Community parents welcomed our whole family to Wilton, and are still the people I turn to most often for advice (parenting and otherwise), insight and laughs. It's been a wonderful place for all of us."

-Amy G.

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