2020 - 2021

Community Nursery School of Wilton


August            30        All Staff Return


September     1          Second Installment Tuition Due

                          1          Staff Development Workshop

                          2          Semi Annual Parents Meeting CNSW 7:15 PM (or via ZOOM)

                          6          No school Labor Day

                          7          No School Rosh Hashanah

                          8          Meet the teacher day for 2’s/4’s *** 2’s meet the teacher day will be at CNSW, 4’s                                 will be home visits IF no state COVID regulations.. if state COVID regs,  4’s meet the                                         teacher will also be at CNSW

                          9          Meet the teacher day for 3’s *** if no COVID restrictions, meet the teacher will be                                 home visits,  if COVID restrictions, meet the teacher will be at CNSW

                         10        First day for 3’s and 4’s no parents (3’s start at 9:00, 4’s start at 9:15)

PLEASE NOTE FROM Sept 10-17 there will be early dismissal for our 3’s and 4’s, schedules will be distributed by teachers


13        First day for 2’s (no parents) *** 2’s schedule will be shortened the first few weeks of school. 

16        No School Yom Kippur

20        Extended Day Session 1 begins (3/4) (TBD due to Covid)


October          11        No School Columbus Day

12        No School/WPS closed


November      2          No school election day/ conference 3’s and 4’s

                        22        Thanksgiving Feast  M/W 2’s

                        23        Thanksgiving Feast 3’s/4’s

                        23        NO EXTENDED DAY 

                        24-26  Thanksgiving Recess


December       1          Third Installment Tuition Due

                           7          Second Session Extended Day (3/4) (TBD due to Covid)

21        Last Day of school before Holiday recess, 

21        No extended day

21 -31 Holiday recess


January           1          No school, New Years Day

                          3          Back to school

17        No School Martin Luther King Day


February        1          Third Session Extended Day (3/4) (TBD due to Covid)

                        18        Early release:  3’s 9 – 11:30am

                                    4’s 9:15 – 11:45am

21-25  February Recess


March             1          Deposit for 2022-2023 School year due


April                4          Fourth Session of Extended day (3/4)

                        15        No School Good Friday

18-22  No School Spring Recess

27        No School for M/W 2’s..  CONFERENCES

                        28        No School for 3’s and 4’s CONFERENCES


May                 1          First Installment 2022-2023 Tuition Due  

11        Student Art show and Semi-annual parent meeting TBD due to Covid

                        24        Last Day of Extended day

26        All School Picnic TBD Due to Covid

27        Rain date for all school picnic

                        30        No School Memorial Day


June                1          Last Day for 2’s

                        2          Last Day of School 3’s and 4’s

                        3          Teacher Workday

                        6 – 17  June School TBD Due to Covid